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Position of Houses in the

This chart is read in a counter-clockwise direction, beginning at the top middle triangle.The first house or ascending sign or Lagna sign is always placed in the top diamond, labeled here as the First house (1). If there is 5 in the first house it means Leo lagna.

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Astrology the divine science. It is gifted by the god to mankind to know about the events to come. It is carried through generations in the form of old scriptures . Lots of old scriptures are found on the mathematical and predictive techniques of astrology. Though most of the material is destroyed over a period of time. Still we are able to retain lot of this invaluable treasure. The correct prediction for the future requires accurate birth chart and deep, thorough and detailed knowledge of principles of astrology. The unfortunate part is, lots of people who do not have even basic knowledge of astrology.
They practise it to make the money. The result is people have started loosing confidence in astrology. We feel sorry for the present situation. We are the strong believers of Astrology. We are working in the field of astrology for more than ten years. We always strived on the use of astrology for the upliftment and service of mankind. With the same motto in our mind we are extending our services to the international community.

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