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Position of Houses in the

This chart is read in a counter-clockwise direction, beginning at the top middle triangle.The first house or ascending sign or Lagna sign is always placed in the top diamond, labeled here as the First house (1). If there is 5 in the first house it means Leo lagna.

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For all kind all astrological advice, relating - failure in business, nature & time of business to be started, unsuccessful marriage life, delay in marriage, choice of profession, line of education etc., he advices the remedial measures which includes a combination of various streams of astrology, i.e. Mantra therapy, Stone therapy, Vaastu therapy and other measures, as suggested by Indian astrological science.

All the consultancy work is being provided with a nominal fee.
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Astrology is a method of predicting future and Past Using a person's birth time, Birth place and birth date.Our Experienced Indian Astrologers are Capable of Predicting your Future Year by Year.
Our Astrologers are Able to solve Problems faced by people in regards to Marriage, Job, Education, Family quarrels, Money, Love, Children.

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